Is Your Cookware Killing You?

Is it possible that your cookware is leaching toxins into your family’s food?

Research indicates that the overwhelming majority of American households are unknowingly using pans laced with a highly toxic chemical resin…

A large group of scientists have issued warnings and many are calling for Teflon to be banned altogether from cooking products & utensils but, for some reason, that hasn’t happened yet. You see the main ingredients in Teflon non-stick pans are something called polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFA’s for short. You may have read that one type of PFA, called PFOA  (Perfluorooctanoic acid), was banned recently. What you may not know is that the companies involved simply tweaked the molecule and used a new and untested type of PFA.

If you use a non-stick Teflon or T-fal pan to cook with, chances are it is BRIMMING with PFAs. In fact, almost use PFAs in some form. And the international scientific community are becoming increasingly alarmed that these substances are linked to:

• Birth Defects           • Hyperthyroidism              • Autoimmune Diseases

• Testicular & Kidney Cancer     • Obesity

The Madrid Statement documents the scientific consensus regarding the persistence and potential for harm of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), and lays out a roadmap to gather needed information and prevent further harm. It was presented at the 2014 Dioxin symposium in Madrid, Spain and signed by more than 250 scientists from 38 countries.,information%20and%20prevent%20further%20harm.

Scientist warned against the dangers of asbestos only to be told it was fine (asbestos causes a deadly type of lung cancer called mesothelioma that was incurable). They called for an end to smoking but the tobacco companies paid doctors to say it was actually good for you. Smoking is now proven to be one of the deadliest things you can do. They told the world to stop using CFCs because it was causing irreversible damage to our atmosphere.  We now have a hole in the ozone layer that is roughly the size of Greenland, causing skin cancer rates in Australia to skyrocket.

Teflon discovered by  Dr Roy J. Plunkett (during the second world war) was repurposed for use in the atom bomb because it was so slippery and resistant to corrosion it was perfect for us in the atomic bomb.

Well, shortly after the war chemical giant Dupont realised PFA’s would be a great way to make a non-stick cooking pan. They trademarked PFA’s under the brand names most Americans are now familiar with, Teflon and T-Fal. Teflon was heralded as a miracle material. Easier to clean, less oil was needed and food didn’t stick to the pan. They trademarked PFA’s under the brand names most Americans are now familiar with, Teflon and T-Fal. Sales of Teflon products skyrocketed. Profits boomed. The company started raking in up to $1 billion dollars in profit a year.

Deep inside Dupont factories where Teflon was being made, people started getting sick as they were poisoned by the forever toxic chemicals. The factory workers called it “Teflon Flu” now well documented as “Polymer fume fever”. Horrible, flu-like symptoms that made them sick with chills, fevers and headaches for days. Just a few whiffs of the toxic fumes coming off the production line would be enough to damage their liver, brain and affect their neuroplasticity.


PFA’s give off toxic fumes when heated above 300 °C that are harmful to humans, leading to the horrible symptoms listed above. Flu like symptoms don’t sound so bad until you realise, that’s only because of how big humans are.  Birds and smaller animals exposed to it, drop dead in minutes. Stop using all black, non-stick cookware.

Yes there is very strong evidence that the very thing you cook your food could be 

poisoning you, causing cancerous growths throughout your body, driving your immune system to turn on itself and causing your metabolism to slow to a crawl meaning no matter what you eat there’s no chance of losing weight.

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