Hidden constipation syndrome


Colon autopsies show it and now studies prove that—even if you have a regular, daily bowel movement—you may possibly have 10-12 lbs. of hardened, toxic, bacteria-laden fecal matter stuck in your intestines!

Breakthrough study results from the prestigious Department of Organ Surgery and  Gastroenterological Clinic in Elsinore, Denmark reveal that millions of people unknowingly have these large “fecal reservoirs” which back up your entire colon, anus and rectum with solid feces.

This causes “bloating, abdominal pressure, diarrhea, and gastric discomfort…”

These layers of dried up, dirty fecal matter are the REAL cause of your digestive nightmares, and no synthetic laxatives or enema can get this toxic, rotting mess out of you!

Colon autopsies show it…and studies prove it!

Layers and layers of decayed fecal matter packed into your colon walls cause hidden constipation, gas, bloating, fatigue, abdominal pain, and even worse health problems you never suspected were related!

Frightening new reports show how this toxic mess stored for years inside your colon leaks out and poisons your cells and other organs!

Colon doctors and researchers now reveal that even if you have regular, daily bowel movements, you most likely have decades worth—often up to 10-12 pounds—of putrid, rotten waste matter buildup on the inside of your colon, causing digestive problems. This toxic mess can seriously impact your health down the road.

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