What do you “see” in Thermal Imaging?

Like in many other medical examinations (ECG, EEG) stimulation can be applied aiming to test the organism’s ability to adequate responding to the stimulus. Usually the patient is exposed undressed to cool ambient (20 °C ± 1 °C) for 10 minutes. This leads to a blood centralization to keep the core temperature constant, resulting in a temperature decrease in all surface areas (except head and cervix) of ca. 1,0 °C (Fig. 10). This temperature change can be correlated to normal tissue function and abnormal tissue function.


Fig. Heat loss at the human body surface (thermo regulation) following a standardized cool air stimulus (above: before regulation; down: after regulation)

Modern whole Body Thermography is a non-invasive “early detection” system that accurately assesses organ and body malfunctions by identifying “signatures” of diseases.

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