5 Tips for Dealing with Stress [excerpt from healthnewsdigest.com]

(Via HealthNewsDigest.com) – Minor daily stressors can actually be good for us, keeping us on our toes, alert and even motivated. But as many of us know, stress can get away from us and feel out of control very quickly.


Image Credit: from www.healthnewsdigest.com

Excessive stress can have a negative effect on your health and lead to more severe issues such as anxietydepression and even cardiac events.

Here are five ways you can celebrate national Stress Awareness Month and minimize stressors in your daily life:

Laugh and connect

We’ve all heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine,” and you may have had the experience when a good belly laugh felt like you just took an emotional jog around the block. Many of us are together daily and have been together for years, knowing each other well. Connecting with each other on a daily basis is important. Take time each day to enjoy your relationships through laughing or having lunch together.

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