Release Trauma

For many people chronic trauma leads to the development of multiples dis-eases. Nearly all chronic illnesses have a deep relationships to trauma. Using a mutiplicity of approaches trauma release it is possible to break through the many layers of body armoring, and thus releasing mental, emotional and physiological tension from your body, mind and nervous system. As a result, these approaches may reduce and clear one’s deeply imprinted primal, religious and societal conditioning and enable you to feel the full range of sensations and emotions available to a human being, while expanding your capacity to support and contain the free flow of life-force energy.

• Jill was a young Canadian lady in her twenties passing through Singapore. She originally came in to see me complaining of primary amenorrhoea. She was told by the top gynaecologists of her home town that she was heading for early menopause in her twenties. She was quite distraught at this prognosis and wanted another opinion.

Treatment: I diagnosed her condition as being stress induced, gave her supplements and specific phyto-estrogens. Two months later her periods resumed. She finally came down to work on a contract in Singapore. Her periods stopped again. This time all the normal approaches did not work. Finally, doing psychological work with her, it came out that she had a deep and abiding hatred towards her father and contempt for the way her mother had allowed herself to be abused by the father. When we worked through this psychological block which disappeared in a dramatic session where she finally had permission to sever her connection with her father, her periods returned for good after four weeks.

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Prof Sundardas D Annamalay

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“Psychosomatic experiencing is about working directly with your nervous system. You are about to become intimately familiar and comfortable with your inner survival system. You will learn how to shift the different emotional states to a manageable level within a few minutes. 

When our emotions are running our lives, we are not in a state of calm aliveness. Rather, there are imbalances in the nervous system that cause problems. It causes imbalances in other systems and organs in our body. Not to mention how these imbalances influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards ourselves and others.”

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