How your Dental Issues could kill you

The Medical Director, Dr Thomas Rau, reports that 90% of the patients at the multidisciplinary Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland are found to be suffering with a toxic overload – either from their intestines (involving bacteria such as Clostridia, Klebsiella, or Pseudomonas) or from their dental work – but most often both.

In their cancer patients dental issues can create a toxic ‘disturbance field’ (or interference field) in the jaw. A study conducted at the clinic by Dr Thomas Rau of 150 breast cancer patients found that 97% had root canals compared to just 40% of healthy patients. And, in another test they conducted, both healthy and cancerous tissue from breast cancer lumpectomies were sent for toxicological analysis. They found that the cancerous tissue had an extremely high mercury load – 30,000 times that found in the healthy tissue.

He explains that cancers such as prostate cancer absorb heavy metals which cause epigenetic malignant changes in the DNA. They find that there is often what they refer to as a ‘dental focus’ in such cases involving issues such as root canal fillings, and a variety of toxic metals – most commonly mercury. These metals go into the tissues, but mostly affect the organs associated with the meridian the tooth is on. The Stomach meridian is the principle meridian associated with the breast which relates to the upper first and second molars and lower premolars/bicuspids. He also explains that the mercury changes the proteins in the cell walls from being recognised as ‘self’ to ‘non-self’ creating autoimmune diseases.  He routinely uses the Thermoscan to screen for this.


Modern whole Body Thermography is a non-invasive “early detection” system that accurately assesses organ and body malfunctions by identifying “signatures” of diseases.

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