How is the AlfaSight 2001 different from other Thermography Regulation systems?

Thermography is a non-invasive, thirty minute test. It does not use radiation which is known to cause cancer. It does not compress breast tissue which is dangerous to do if cancer is present and also uncomfortable. It is better than mammography at early detection of breast abnormalities. This screening tool can identify potential issues related to breast cancer at an early stage where there is a high percentage of a complete cure. Thermography can spot suspicious tissue changes 10 years before it is detected by mammography

@ DigitisedTemperatures; Disease Signature-Recognition Algorithms. Eliminates Bias

@ 30,000+ Patient Database with Correlations to Radiology, Clinical And Laboratory Tests

@ Non-invasive, No Radiation

@ Monitor Treatment Efficacy & Patient Progress

@ Early Detection for Early Intervention

@ Instant Patient Reports with Priorities and Recommendations that Guide Treatment


Modern whole Body Thermography is a non-invasive “early detection” system that accurately assesses organ and body malfunctions by identifying “signatures” of diseases.

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