How do you reduce your Cancer Risk?

I guess I developed a cancer screening protocol after working with all the cancer patients who came to see me. I eventually got to the point when I could figure out ahead of time who would get cancer and who would not.

Enclosed below is an overview of the major factors that we have found in different cancer cases.

a) Hyperacidity – One of the primary causes of regulatory blockage is hyperacidity, defined as a significant decrease in the pH of the cellular environment. Most often
hyperacidity is due to dietary indiscretions and overall dysfunction of the digestive and eliminative organs, as well as to the chronic stresses of our modern lifestyles.

b) Dysbiosis – An impaired digestive system with imbalanced bacteria flora is also a
significant regulatory blockage, known as “dysbiosis.” As Dr’s. Astor & Swartz like to point out, the digestive system is really the fifth sensory organ, the system through which we experience our environment most directly – via the food we eat. When it’s out of balance and unhealthy, “dysbiosis” occurs. This can be due to the following reasons;

1) Incorrect pH – When the GI tract is either hyperacidity or hypoacid (especially as we grow older) it results in impaired digestion.

2) Leaky gut syndrome – This occurs when the intestinal lining, damaged by yeast, fungus, or fermentative bacteria, allows toxic material to leak through the intestinal wall (leaky gut syndrome), thereby decreasing the absorption of essential nutrients

3) Fungus,Parasites and Virus – The presence of unwanted microorganisms like candida albicans and parasites can affect the integrity of the GI tract. Once again, our diets, high in animal proteins and bad fats and low in fiber, are implicated in dysbiosis.
Having a long term viral infection can also grossly affect your immunity.

4) Insufficient Good Bacteria – The overuse of antibiotics and steroids can badly upset the ecology of the gut leading to a reduction in good bacteria and a proliferation of bad microorganisms

c) Allergies – A third blockage is related to food intolerances, which set up immune
reactions and lead to an overloaded lymphatic system, which then no longer distinguishes external threats, and so becomes ineffective in defending the body from infective agents.

d) Focal Disturbance Fields – Focal disturbance fields are another very important blockage to regulatory function. These are places in the body, called “foci,” that
have sub clinical infection and/or inflammation and can act at a distance, usually along the vital energy meridian lines of the body, causing disease or dysfunction at another location.

1) Very often these foci occur in the head region, particularly in teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth, infected root canal-treated teeth, implants, metal fillings, crowns, bridges, and “cavitations” (incompletely healed bone from tooth extractions), can all cause problems further up or down their meridian lines. Rarely do these infections show up on a regular dental x-ray, nor are they felt; they are sub clinical and sub symptomatic. But the bacteria associated with focal sites can cause serious infections and disease in other parts of the body

2) Focal disturbance fields can also be associated with non-dental implants, scars (both from surgery and from injuries), fractures, and other traumas to the body. While these injuries may seem completely healed, they may nonetheless be causing severe blockages along their particular meridians. Resolving these foci can sometimes bring instantaneous relief to a distant part of the body, as when an old scar on the hand is injected with a biological remedy and that person’s migraines disappear; or when a root canal-treated tooth is removed and an ovarian cyst disappears.

e) Heavy Metal – A fifth type of blockage is heavy metal toxicity, primarily from metals used in dental fillings: mercury, tin, copper, zinc, silver and palladium (associated with gold fillings). Other heavy metal exposures may include lead, aluminum, cadmium, and nickel. Heavy metals wreak havoc with biological systems, acting as systemic poisons.

f) Drugs – Long-term chemotherapy and the use of allopathic medications such
as antibiotics, cyclostatics, corticoids, anti-rheumatics, and anti-inflammatories can also create regulatory problems.

g) Psychological Stress – Finally, long-term psychological stress can have serious impact on the overall regulatory ability of the body. Factors like a divorce, the death of a family member, or some other emotional loss can often be a trigger that precipitates illness.

i)Organ Dysfunction – Either Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia are hidden health concerns that keep cropping up and need to be addressed. Relatively slight variations in hormonal levels can also have major clinical consequences.

j)Metabolic – Many people are suffering from an impaired Phase 2 liver detox pathway problem. When this is identified and corrected many attending health issues are resolved.

k)Vaccines – A significant degree of pediatric health concerns arise out of an impaired immune response to vaccine. There are specific methods to neutralise vaccine damage.

All of the following need to be assessed and treated. We have more that 12 years experience in screening for all these variables. We have clients who fly in from other countries to be assessed for these variables. Imagine what they discovered?

Be well

Dr Sundardas

2 thoughts on “How do you reduce your Cancer Risk?

  1. Gabs

    I agree that these are indeed factors which affect cancer occurence. However, certain people have risk factors, modifiable and non modifiable. Non modifiable risk factors are a positive family history and genetic aberrations. The modifiable ones are lifestyle and diet, and we play an important role in these things.

  2. drsundardas

    Your vitrolic comments are interesting. I watched my mother die of cancer 32 years ago. Access to the information may have very well saved her life. I have currently seen more than 11 000 patients. The procedures mentioned about have helped cancer aftercare patients remain cancer-free indefinitely. It has helped patients diagnosed with cancer understand how they got cancer in the first place. These are facts. You are free of course to make your own choices. Everyone has the choice to be as ignorant and bigoted as they choose..

    Be well..
    Dr Sundardas


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