Fetal damage from VDU’s.


1. In 1979, four out of seven pregnant VDU operates who had worked on the classified advertising department of the Toronto Star gave birth to infants with defects.  One had a club foot, another a deft palate, a third an underdeveloped eye and the fourth had multiple heart abnormalities. None of the mothers had smoked or taken  drugs during the pregnancies.During that period, three other employees at the Star who didn’t work on VDU’s gave birth to normal babies.

2.  Due to excessive fetal retardation and birth defects among the off-spring of women and animals exposed to radioactive fields in Eastern Europe, pregnant women in  Czechoslovakia have been specifically prohibited from  working in areas where the “safe” level of micro-waves  was exceeded. The Czech standard is one-thousandth the recommended American guideline.

The following items also possess a significant electromagnetic field; television, electric razors, electric  blankets, electric-power transmission and distribution  networks, fluorescent lights, electric clocks, hair dryers  and electric heaters, microwave ovens, personal radio  transmitters not to mention handphones. Research done by Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D.  appears to indicate that all of the above appliances at times  have radiation levels that sometimes exceed current safety  levels of radiation.

The rise of phenomena such as electromagnetic – hypersensitivity syndrome has been verified by several  scientists, like Robert Becker M.D. and Dr. William Rae. It  refers to the phenomena whereby an individual develops an  allergy due to electro-magnetic fields. Chronic-fatigue syndrome has also been linked to electro-magnetic fields.

Dr. Hans-Anne Hanson of the Institute of Newsbiology at the University of Goteborg, Sweden began experimenting a newborn experimental animals. Brief exposure to microwaves, resulted in damage to nerve-cell structures that became visible, as a latent effect, only two to four months  following the exposure.  The nerve cell damage was visible in the brain, retina, optic nerve and cerebellum. It is interesting to note that clinical studies done by Dr. E.  Courchesne of the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory at Children’s Hospital Research Center, San Diego, report finding a specific pathological lesion in the cerebellum in fourteen of the eighteen autistic children be examined.

Years ago, I had the interesting experience of working with mum to be who was a newscaster. She mentioned that all her female colleagues who worked with her had had babies with congenital birth defects. She wanted a diet and nutrition programs that her baby would be normal. She came in about six months before her intended time to get pregnant, so I put her on a tailored program of diet and supplements to support system. Her baby when she delivered was normal.

A brain surgeon in Singapore recently commented that he noticed a higher incidence on brain tumours in young children. Would anybody wonder if this was related  to radiation hazards perhaps?


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Dr Sundardas D. Annamalay





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