Are Allergies Ruining Your Child’s Health?

“But what exactly is an allergy? According to Dr Leo Galland, the director of the Foundation for Integrated Medicine in New York, which deals with environmental illness, “allergy” is not a scientific term but means ‘altered reactivity.’

Generally speaking, allergists tend to agree that when IgE is involved, one’s sensitivity to food is called an allergy. If some other immune mechansim is involved, which might be IgG or something else, some call it an allergy and some would not.

The term ‘intolerance’ means that an enzyme is involved and the immune system is not. So, for example, lactose intolerance – the inability to break down lactose sugar, causing bloating, cramping and diarrhea – is an intolerance because the enzyme lactase, which breaks down that sugar, is missing.

Galland suggests that if we use the term “allergy” in the broadest sense, there are a number of non-allergic diseases in which allergy to food may nevertheless play a role. For example, controlled studies have shown that something like 40 to 45 percent of patients with rheumatoid arthritis are affected by specific individual foods.

This is not an IgE type of reaction, so it might not be called a food allergy, but it is an intolerance of the food and it acts to cause inflammation, so it could be called an allergy. Galland believes that IgG may play a role in allergy, but he is one of many who believes that the test for IgG-mediated allergies is not valid.”


Take a long, serious look at your child. Obvious changes sometimes occur in the physical appearance of children and adults who have typical allergies, or food or chemical sensitivities.

Perhaps you recognise a characteristic “spacey” or at times almost “demonic” look in

a child’s eyes when he or she suddenly becomes “impossible.”

These looks are sometimes accompanied by characteristic sounds, such as throat

clearing and clucking. The latter is typical, in particular, of a dairy or milk sensitivity.

Some mothers complain that their children make strange noises at home or at school.

A few whine and say the same phrase over and over.

In addition, children (and adults) can develop a hoarse voice or red ears or cheeks

due to food or chemical exposure.

Other symptoms include slurred or rapid speech.”

Allergies and Hyperactivity, Attention, Mood Swings

“Allergies can play havoc with a child’s ability to benefit from teaching. Some forms of ‘hyperactivity,’ short attention spans and mood swings are caused by allergies and intolerances for certain foods and other environmental factors.”

Handwriting and Drawing Changes

“Handwriting and drawing changes can provide visible clues about what is happening within a child. Sudden changes are often related to specific chemical exposures, to contact with dust, moulds, pollen and to allergenic foods or beverages…

When another child, Robert, was allergy tested for oats and wheat, his handwriting and behaviour changed at the same time.”

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Case History:  Allergic rhinitis and ADD (T)

A Caucasian girl of about 7 years came to see us. Could not concentrate in class, compulsive eating leading to obesity.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed she had Candida overgrowth and allergies.

Treatment: Candida diet and supplements. ADD more manageable. Became a much happier focused child. Lost weight, won an art competition 3 months later and went from the bottom of the class to the middle.

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