Why are Women the ‘Fatter’ Sex?

Why is it that most fat reduction clients are women?

It’s the biological design for women to have the propensity to put on weight.

That’s why women tend to have more body fat than men, 10% more on average. Here’s why.

1. Women tend to store fat readily:

It’s a carryover from ancient times when availability to food was uznpredictable and women needed to survive to create new lives.

2. Women have higher lean-to fat ratios:

– Men have more lean muscle, which burns more calories.

– Women carry between six and eleven percent more body fat than men – even when they take in fewer calories.

3. Women produce more estrogen and less testosterone:

– Estrogen is the primary female hormone.  It prompts the body to store and deposit fat to create ‘female curves.’

 – Testosterone is the primary male hormone.  It promotes muscle growth and maintains muscle mass.

The Function of Body Fat

Body fat, medical term adipose tissue, is a complex organ in the body.  Its main job is to store and release energy (in the form of calories) but it serves many other functions. Controls the release of multiple hormones that control metabolism.

• Assists in regulating body temperature and vitamin absorption

• Supports other cellular structures within the body

• Some fat cells even produce energy and burn fat

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The Technology

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