Why are we not biologically equal?

One of the major divides between Western Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is the concept of individuality. In Western medicine, if you have a flu, you are treated the same way. In CAM, depending on your practitioner you would be examined and analysed to discover what was the weakness that led to you developing the flu.

One man’s food is another man’s poison. Most people are eating foods that are not compatible with their biochemistry, and it is making them sick. Should you be a vegetarian or a meat eater? Are grains and dairy products compatible for you? What foods super charge your particular metabolism and what foods deplete your vitality?

According to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Nutrition findings, most Americans are deficient in three or more essential nutrients. Nutritional experts tell us that it is more like twelve and some sick people being deficient in as many as fifty nutrients.

Are you toxic? Are any organs of your body being affected by toxins due to junk food, fast food, and devitalized food? Singaporeans are fast becoming toxic garbage dumps. In naturopathic medicine we believe that toxicity is the common denominator of all disease.

Most modern day diseases are degenerative in nature. It takes 10-20 years or more to develop diabetes, arthritis, stroke, cancer, heart disease, etc. Testing can predict your tendency towards particular disease and help to construct a nutritional and lifestyle program to prevent disease. The science is now available to prevent most degenerative disease at their earliest inception.

The newest Singaporean phenomena is popping pills. Everyone is popping vitamins these days, but does anyone know what they are doing? Now you can know exactly what you should be taking based on your individual biochemistry. No more guess work, no more trial and error, no more opinions, no more gurus. Now you can know exactly what vitamins to take based on your individual biochemistry.

As incredible and unbelievable as it may seem, doctors take blood, but never speak to you about your diet, vitamins or food supplements. Finally… you can learn what each and every blood bio-marker means to you nutritionally and what you should do about it.

Due to dietary improprieties, nutritional deficiencies, and toxicity, the bodies of many Singaporeans have become inefficient, low energy, fat storing, depots. Now you can convert your body into a highly efficient, energetic, fat burning dynamo. You can now stop storing fat and begin burning it.

Confusion is the order of the day in America. So much information, misinformation, and disinformation has bombarded us by the media, airwaves, and market place, that it is difficult for even intelligent people to sort it all out. Nutritional testing cuts through the information maze and hones in on your individual biochemistry.

The old allopathic medical model waited until a named disease developed, then fought the disease. Nutritional and functional medicine testing changes that model. You now become proactive and responsible for your health, rather than inactive and irresponsible. No longer do you wait for disease. You will now have the tools to aggressively build a state of high level wellness and nutritional soundness that allows you to live the abundant life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is what we believe preventive medicine is all about.

Nutritional testing and personal health evaluation is an educational experience. You get to learn how efficiently every gland, organ, and system of your body is working long before a named medical condition sets in. Over a hundred biodiagnostic markers can be evaluated to determine your wellness status. For many patients it is the first time their blood and urine results have been explained in such detail. You will learn what each individual test means. The clinical range used by orthodox medicine to diagnose medically named conditions,

At Natural Therapies Centre we believe we are what we eat. Testing will tell you what foods you need to eat more of to get the nutrients your body needs, and what foods you need to avoid.

I like to quote an example to illustrate the above concepts. I have been seeing this nice young man in his thirties. Lets call him James. James was being treated for hypertension. He came in to see me to sort out his chronic gastric condition. After a few months this condition was managed quite satisfactorily. Now many of the individuals I have helped with their gastric condition, do not go on to develop other complications. Almost a year later, James developed what turned out to be chronic pancreatitis. He had almost passed out, been admitted to hospital for observation and finally scoped, analysed ad nauseum and diagnosed.

James was in a state of shock. He had no idea why this had happened. The doctors in the hospital kept treating James like an alcoholic. Finally we did a DNA test on him. The results were very revealing. James tested positive for 8 out of 108 possible disease patterns. In other words if he had adopted a normal Singaporean reasonably lifestyle he might have had a stroke, heart failure (in three different possible ways) or developed cancer. Thanks to the test results, his life could take a different path. James now had the choice of making drastic changes that would enable him to have a high quality disease free life. This would give him a good chance of being able to watch his children grow up and have families.

Unfortunately, James’ father never had that chance. He had a stroke when James was still in his teens and had never recovered.

Be well

Dr Sundardas

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  1. Hua

    Hi Dr. Sundardas,

    That is a sad story about James. At least he was diagnosed so that he can recieve help he needs.

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