The Monday after the Holiday Season

The Monday after is less appealing than usual because of the Christmas parties. Overdoing the alcohol and food can wreak havoc on your body.

Dehydration and the use of enzymes are to blame for most of your misery. If you overwhelm your system with alcohol, it will linger longer because not all the alcohol is broken down. headaches and other symptoms are caused by dehydration and this.

 It can be toxic to eat too much. For most of the time, binging just leads to feeling bloated and uncomfortable. A high intake of both sugars and fat can lead to an inflammation of the pancreas, which can be fatal. It happens with young men most often after a weekend of barbecues.

There is abdominal pain that shoots around the back. Most people recover within 48 hours in the hospital after being hospitalized for pancreatitis. Let’s not go there.

If you’re short of participating in a hot dog eating contest and binge drinking, you can return a semblance of balance to your diet.

It’s not a bad idea to clean up after a big weekend of eating, but it’s not a requirement.

Try to get back on track by drinking less and cutting out alcohol completely.Drink water with dinner and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the week. I recommend drinking two glasses of water every day to keep hydrated. Your body could use a break from alcohol.

Cut out the extra

At each meal, put a few bites on your plate. It can add up to three to five meals a day. You should eat until you are not hungry, instead of until you are full. It can go towards reversing some of the damage done over the prior if you stop eating the last bite of your child’s plate, don’t lick the spoon of peanut butter, and put a handful of nuts or cheese in your mouth.

Eat some fibre

If your weekend was full of heavy sauces and desserts, you should cut out all processed food. Oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa are high in fibre and can be eaten without refined carbs. The fibre helps you feel full faster and it also helps you keep your blood sugar stable. Try eating your veggies steamed or roasted if you choose plain grilled chicken or fish. Add healthy fats like nuts and nut butter.

The night time snack is not worth the time

Many people don’t eat dessert after dinner, but they do add a small snack. You can save almost 1,000 calories by cutting out those 200 calories. The weekend damage can be mitigated by the extra deficit. You can work on your discipline by eating a healthy dinner, drinking water and not snacking at night.


Don’t think: “Well, I was already so bad.” Might as well take the rest of the week off.

Rather than focusing on the negatives, think about a new start and get back to your workout routine. Leave the past behind. New momentum is what you want to get to next. One night of drinking and eating doesn’t make you a habit. What you do every day affects your health. Don’t skip any workouts this week if you have extra time at the gym.

Try to live by the rule. 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the time you can spend are for health and performance. This includes two meals and a dessert, not a weekend of total abandon.

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