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We just completed the 16th run of my premier programme, Success Mastery.

We invited a select group of 21 individuals to a 4 day island retreat.

In my experience of working with 15,000 individuals over 35 years, we identified core traits of high-performance individuals. They could be C-suite executives, CEOs and ultrahigh net worth individuals. The most common traits they all had were

  1. They worked on their mindset and emotional healing.
  2. They developed sustainable lifestyles and resilience.
  3. They were committed to lifelong learning, growth and neuroplasticity.
  4. They were committed to doing what it took to do all the above on a daily basis.

So based on our research, we developed a model based on Neuroscience, Biochemical and Emotional Epigenetics, Family Therapy and Systems Approach. The most common issues our clients faced were:

a) Dysfunctional family scripts due to neglect and trauma that limited them physically, emotionally or financially. This could lead to breakdowns, relationship issues or financial crisis.

b) Not recognizing how the brain changes in its patterns of achievement with ageing.

c) External triggers activating their negative emotional and biochemical epigenetics.

d) Not having a sustainable mind body sequence of habits.

e) Inadequate or poor planning due to not taking above factors into consideration.

We had one CEO, Saran who had started working with me almost 15 years ago. Saran had gone to 6 doctors in Malaysia, 15 years ago and asked them, “I am currently not sick. Can you keep me well?”.

Saran said they had looked at him as if he was deranged. Saran was sharing with me how appreciative he was for the processes he had been doing with me. Saran had been noticing quite a few of his fellow CEOs, crashing, collapsing and dying.

Their companies which had been valued in the millions, were sold for the scrap metal value. Saran in contrast remains, well and healthy and has gone on to start even more companies. Saran’s companies are currently valued at eight figures and growing.

Another CEO of a start-up who flew in from South Africa, discovered during the program why the goals she had set did not materialize due to factors a) to e).

Many individuals wax lyrical about mindset, sustainable lifestyles, resilience, lifelong learning and commitment. The graduates of Success Mastery actually learn how to incorporate all this into 15- minute chunks into their day. Otherwise, nothing really takes. Its just hot air and platitudes.    

I am delighted to congratulate those who attended the programme and look forward to seeing their future progress in life. 

Lorraine Lee  • Sakthivel Narayanasamy  • Andre Lee

(Saran is a pseudonym)


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Yours in Health,

Dr Sundardas D Annamalay

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