Secrets of Weight Loss

Secrets of Weight Loss

Why does the standard advice about weight loss about exercise more and diet not work for you? What causes some people to be more prone to indigestion? Why do some people have higher energy level from vigorous exercise while other tire out easily? The answer: We are all unique individuals.

A single drop of blood contains a biochemical make-up as unique to you as your fingerprint.  Many of these biological differences are now being explained by the science of blood type. 

Culling from over 35 years of experience treating over 12,000 patients, I have concluded that food sensitivities, fatty liver, intestinal dysbiosis and carbohydrate intolerance are among the main culprits for weight gain. This protocol is combined with the fundamentals of the blood type theory as researched and founded by Dr Peter D’Adamo, the writer of New York Best Seller Eat Right for Your Type for this weight loss and disease prevention program.

Causes for Weight Gain

1) Food Sensitivities– If you have a food sensitivity or intolerance, when you take an offensive item, it would often result in the decrease of the body’s metabolic activity and fluid retention in attempt to dilute the circulating toxic substances resulting in weight gain.  

2) Fatty Liver – Toxic substances often impact the hormonal and hepatic system by slowing it down, increasing free radical production that utilizes essential nutrients. This further affects the rate of carbohydrate utilization. All of this results in weight gain.

3) Dysbiosis/Leaky Gut – Imbalance in the digestive system because of parasites, candida and insufficient digestive enzymes. Endotoxin (internal production of toxins) production from gut dysbiosis reduces basal metabolic rate resulting in weight gain.   

4) Insulin Spike – Inability to metabolise carbohydrates results in the insulin mechanism being overreactive, thus more carbohydrate is stored away as fat rather than being utilized. This results in weight gain. This is how one inappropriate meal a day can put make you put on weight rather than six appropriate meals a day.

5) Indoles, indigestion and polyamines – These factors can increase tissue toxicity. Increased tissue toxicity results in weight gain and fluid retention.

6) Sleep deprivation – Its not just about sleeping enough. Its also about when you sleep.

What is one man’s meat is another’s poison. Everyone is unique – all you need to do is take a quick look around to realize this. Why does a diet work so well on one person but not the other? How is one person able to thrive on a high-carbohydrate diet, while another person gets more sluggish?

Dr James D’Adamo’s initial observations of individuals under naturopathic inpatient treatment showed that certain kinds of people improved on different types of diet.

The scientific basis of the theory is based on three ‘legs’ or assumptions. The first is that all foods contain lectins, proteins which can cause ‘clumping together’ of cells and damage to various organs. The effect of different lectins depends on blood type, according to D’Adamo, so that a food which is beneficial to a type O person can be damaging to a type A person.

The second assumption is that blood type affects digestion, so that the nutrients gained from foods will differ from type to type, and interactions with bacteria in the intestine will be different, so that for instance, feelings of indigestion and bloating are because of eating the wrong foods for a particular blood type.

The last assumption is that secretion of enzymes and digestive juices are different from type to type. Type O will digest meat easily because they have higher levels of stomach acid than other types.

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