Is Leaky Gut a Fact…or Fiction?


Leaky gut is very controversial. Gastrointestinal disorder or ‘leaky gut syndrome’ is currently the topic of numerous debates throughout the medical and natural health communities.

About 75% of our entire immune system is located in our gut.

Your gut is essentially outside the body and comes in contact with tons of food, bacteria and chemicals over the course of a lifetime.

Your gut is exposed to an enormous toxic and antigenic load, pretty much day in and day out. It protects our internal organs from this constant assault.

It has very complex and multilevel mechanisms that support one another.

How does it work?

Opening or closure of the tight junctions between enterocytes in the paracellular space is the major determinant of the rate of intestinal permeability. They say that when the fine Zonulin (a gut protein that regulates the openings between the cell walls in the intestine) pathway is deregulated in genetically susceptible individuals, both intestinal and extra intestinal autoimmune, inflammatory, and neoplastic disorders can occur.

Zonulin has been studied in those with and without diseases like celiac disease. And then gliadin activates Zonulin signalling irrespective of the genetic expression of autoimmunity, leading to increased intestinal permeability to macromolecules. Exposure to gluten causes Zonulin to open the walls of the intestine. Zonulin can widen or tighten these openings.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Diagnosing it correctly is the key to recovering from many illnesses.

Leaky gut is a fiction? Some says that leaky gut theory is false. They maintain, it is impossible for large undigested food particles to pass through the many layers of cells into the bloodstream and the gut.

In fact, food allergy tests cannot accurately detect allergenic foods. They also state that any link to autism and diet, specifically “leaky gut” is all “quackery”. There is no solid evidence of the connection between leaky gut and autism. Others say that leaky gut is just a symptom.

There is a new research that shows that leaky gut indeed seems to be a real problem and definitely exist. It is potentially linked to asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis and other problems.

Do your research and be informed NOW. You need to check for signs that this is happening so that you can prevent any major effects or damage to your body.

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Is it Possible Vaccines Can Cause Autism? Find out Here…


Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a developmental disability that is caused by difference in how the brain functions. They may behave, communicate, learn and interact in a different way. Recent estimates show that 1 in 68 children have been identified with ASD in the United States and other countries around the world.

One of the earlier theories about autism was that Vaccines could be a cause. There were speculations about finding a link between vaccines and ASD. A study from a 1998 article shows a connection between MMR vaccines and autism in 12 children involved.

Some researchers from recent study found that vaccines had no effect on the risk of autism.

Today most researchers agree with some dozen studies that have now shown that the age of onset of ASD does not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Also the severity or course of ASD does not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated children, and now the risk of ASD recurrence in families does not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

Autism causes remain a mystery, but cases are increasing.

More recent research provides evidence that autism develops in uterus, well before a baby is born or receives vaccinations. Researchers have found a connection between older fathers and an increased risk of autism in their children.

Or the increase could be due to more awareness of autism. Theories have centered on the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine while the other involves vaccines containing the chemical preservative thimerosal, which contains a form of mercury that has been suspected of causing autism and has recently been removed from most vaccines.

The large number of vaccines currently administered, that could overwhelm or weaken the immune system and creates an interaction with the nervous system that triggers autism in a susceptible host.

But both epidemiological and biological studies fail to support these claims.

Even though child vaccination rates remain high, some parents persist that vaccines may cause autism. This is because some parents have noticed changes in their children shortly after vaccination. Their children seemed to be developing normally, then suddenly stopped interacting with people and lost language abilities.

So how do we know the truth?

Research is a good start for any parent to be sure. You can also consult a professional HERE who can guide you and provide knowledge of what is really true. You can get meaningful insight and what you can do if your child is showing any signs leading to ASD.

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The genetic factors REVEALED…


Ever wonder why kids with autism manifests intelligence beyond ordinary?

Whether it is music, mathematics or arts, children with autism usually exhibits a rare gift. Especially those that have mild to moderate types of autism.

Why is this so?

Studies reveal that genes linked with autism might be the cause of higher mental function to those not affected by autism. Various clinical research studies conducted in Europe, United States and many parts of Asia, have seen genetic variations. This appears to account for the higher cognitive functioning in those with mild to moderate autism. Yet the studies are still in progress and have not been finalized.

It may seem that our society has underestimated the capacity of children with autism. They may actually possess a higher cognitive ability given early intervention and proper care.

It is actually evident to children with autism that their brain functions differently compared to those who are normal.

This is shown in intelligence tests conducted in the United States:

  1. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) is an intelligence test that measures verbal skills. A study showed those with autism had a hard time answering this test.
  1. Raven’s Progressive Matrices or the Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI) is an intelligence test that measures non-verbal skills like identifying patterns and shapes. This was where a group of children with ASD showed a remarkable 70% increase of points compare to normal children.

Still those in the ASD group have the following challenges.

There are actually various difficulties involving:

  • speech
  • language
  • motor development
  • fine-motor skills
  • social awareness

…which may or may not be related to a person’s intelligence.

Everyone should be treated with respect especially people with disabilities because you don’t know the pain they’re undergoing. These people may have not found their voice yet in the society but they want to be heard just like you. Find out more…

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