Naturopathic Solutions to Multiple Cancers and Pancreatic Cysts


In November 2006, a 52 year old Chinese gentlemen walked into my practice. His sister had advised him to see me one year earlier but he had delayed. In 1997 he had his right kidney removed because of a tumour. He carried on with his life with no change. In April of 2001, he had a brain tumour removed. He thought he was doing well.

By 2005 he had multiple tumours. In March 2006, a CT scan of his abdomen

Multiple hypodense lesions throughout the pancreas. Otherwise known as serous/mutinous cystadenoma of the pancreas.There were also multiple cysts in the left kidney.

He was told that he was pre-cancerous. His tumour marker CA 19-9 was mildly elevated. His options were drastic surgery and removal of the pancreas and the spleen (total pancreatectomy with a possible splenectomy). This would result in diabetes mellitus, lifelong insulin jabs.This surgery would give him the best chance of having no recurrence.

He was also given the option of less invasive surgery called Whipple’s operation. This surgery would apparently have a higher risk of recurrence.

He opted not to do surgery. He began on a course of tailored nutrition and the blood type diet. He realized how badly he had been eating and how stressed he had been.

His CA markers started dropping. Some of the major lesions literally started
dissolving. He continues to live an active life without anymore surgery 9 years
later. He is currently well.

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