Mindfulness for the Workplace

I’m proud to share this new self-paced course featuring my mindfulness facilitator teacher, Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey. I’ve seen this course myself and highly recommend it – it’s filled with helpful teachings, stories and most importantly, easy practices that can be very powerful for your state-of-being. In these challenging times having some kind of meditative and mindfulness practice is crucial for work life balance and mental wellness.

Course: “Mindfulness for the Workplace”

Learn to create a better experience for yourself at work and in life, no matter what your current circumstances are or what the future might hold.

This course focuses on practical, secular and evidence-based mindfulness practices that can be incorporated into your workday. Meditations are also included!

Learn what mindfulness truly is and follow guidance to apply it into your daily life.

• This is for absolute beginners and experienced practitioners

• The examples given are work-related but everything can be applied into any aspect of your life

• 12 lessons to help you unwind your stress and anxiety, interact better with co-workers, build resilience, deal better with change, start a mindfulness practice at work, and improve team  dynamics – and more.

 Here’s the course trailer:

Find the course on three platforms:

1.  The Great Courses 
·  Individual course purchases via ‘Instant video’ for streaming or download, or DVD. 
·   Receive a course discount here (this link will provide a significant discount that’s not always available to the general public).

2.  Wondrium 
·   Streaming access to thousands of educational, entertaining videos for anything you’ve ever wondered about. I recommend this platform as you’ll discover their wide variety of course titles! 
·  Receive a 14 day Free Trial here so you can watch the course for free!

3.  Audible.com
·   The audio version of this course is free with their 30-day trial!

Get this course today and create a better experience for yourself at work. 

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