Autism with Sleep Disorders can be cured…


When you see children having difficulty falling asleep or in some cases having issues staying asleep at night, it usually is a cause for concern. Parents have to deal with this every night to make sure their child is sleeping soundly. Sleep is important for children to grow and regenerate. However, if a child is having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep then their progress and growth rate, including their brain development could be greatly affected.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or also known as ASD often show signs related to sleeping difficulty. Families that are affected exhibits at least 80% of children with ASD shows significant sleep problems.

“These treatment results have been accepted by families that are experiencing this type of disorder in falling asleep especially in children with autism.”

If it is regularly taken, a dose of “Melatonin” every night can definitely help children that have ASD and insomnia. Melatonin is a type of hormone generated by our pineal gland located in our brain. This very gland is the main reason for us falling asleep and waking up. It is what we normally call our “Body Clock” which regulates how much melatonin is needed to be generated. On a normal basis, melatonin increases from mid-evening till late-night, then it is constantly on high levels throughout the evening and decreases when morning comes.

Light sources also plays a part when our pineal gland is producing melatonin. This is also true with age, could become less over time, since natural production of melatonin becomes less and less as we age.

“For children with ASD, insufficient sleep greatly affects daily activities as well as their daytime behaviour.

Children with ASD are normally producing less melatonin, thus resulting in difficulty falling asleep or insomnia. Once they are asleep, their melatonin level is fluctuating so they have issues staying asleep as well. However, by providing the right dosage of melatonin every night you can gradually see the difference every time your child goes to sleep. It is a very reassuring moment when you see them go to bed easily.

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