Gelatin… The Allergy Conqueror


Have you tried speaking with your doctor again after being told that you have an allergy? If not, keep reading…

If you spent hours on knowing what food you have eaten, then continue reading…

If you ever had a skin allergy test and had your skin covered in big red itchy welts, it is really frustrating to realize that your favorite foods are making you sick.

Don’t stop reading because this post is for you.

Food allergies and sensitivities are becoming rampant. As estimated 60% of the population now are suffering from food allergy!

But what could be the cause of this?

There are many theories, coming from different studies and points of view. And the simplest explanation would be seen inside our intestines wherein digestion of our food takes place. 

Many things can cause our intestinal flora to be thrown in a difficult health issue. A sterile environment, stress, illness, antibiotics, prescription medication which may reduce the production of healthy gut bacteria.

So, to help seal the porous and inflamed gut linings… GELATIN works best!

Aside from Gelatin, we have little living organisms called good bacteria which helps us digest and absorb our food easily.  It works together with Gelatin for better gut health and solving a number of allergies.

Many experts believe that  the  root of allergies is when the intestinal lining permit liquids or gases to pass through, though it is also an immune barrier that’s responsible for keeping out bacterium.

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