Choose your food before it’s too late!


You may be sometimes wondering why you have certain reactions to certain foods.

Our body is always doing its best to make sure that everything is functional. What we don’t know is the damage our body goes through when we eat certain foods that can harm it. Nowadays, most of the foods that we eat be it in a fast food restaurant, burger joint, corndog stall, bakery, outright street foods and even convenience stores, all share the similar ingredients that may harm our body like preservatives, refined sugar, processed foods and flavourings. These are the ingredients that we see every day in what we eat and they contain toxins that can cause inflammation in our intestines. If we drink commercialized liquors and soda they can create other types of inflammatory damage.

Your intestines are your body’s first line of defense for it filters all the food that you eat.

Your body is doing its best to fight these toxins inside your body. However, there are times that the toxin level becomes undeniably high and that your immune system is overwhelmed. This can cause different types of illness and infection.

Your intestines defenses are being penetrated and damaged over time. The more your intake of these foods the higher your chance of developing leaky gut syndrome. There are a lot of ways how leaky gut syndrome can be prevented. To know more about leaky gut and how to cure it naturally, ask your naturopath TODAY.

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