A Number ONE Killer….we DON’T KNOW of…

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It has been like a horror mystery…

…And for years we might not know about it but this silent killer is there.

What is this scary nightmare?

…it is no other than, CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE.


The terrifying secret…

conventional medicine-2For about 4 years back, researchers have conducted a study on conventional medicine…that it was the cause of deaths in the United States and have been recorded as third leading killer we are not aware of.

Another research was done today, and conventional medicine’s number had moved up to number one killer in the country. It was based on a standard of care pattern.

This pattern of care is like… coming into the doctor’s clinic and he diagnoses your symptom. So when you consult about having nausea, headaches and vomiting, then your doctor will say, “You’re having migraines.”

When you complain about muscle pains, your diagnosis would be fibromyalgia or myofascial.

While those with complains with digestion, stomach aches, etc. could be a number of different things like leaky gut, an irritable bowel syndrome or an acid reflux diagnosis.


TRUTH is… these are all JUST SYMPTOMS!

The doctor in this case is being paid based on the medications he or she were taught to treat your symptoms with which you exhibit. An insurance code is assigned to each findings.


What’s NOT Right?

It seems a regular visit to your doctor but fact is… there’s something missing…your physician is not looking what’s really behind the picture… That’s why it’s scary to say the least. What they need to focus on is the MAIN CAUSE or ROOT of the symptom not just the surface.

It just doesn’t add up….because a person’s lifestyle, emotional experiences, other distractions like stress or even genetic make-up are not FACTORED into the process.

The conventional process is OLD and does NOT actually “hit the mark” on checking up what and why you feel those symptoms.

And that’s what this NEW alternative process does and offers to care for your well-being and more.

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Herbal Medicine


There’s nothing to be SCARED, Really!

Let’s change our ways and keep up with the new age of a more natural process of healing our bodies. If you find the source of your sickness then you can surely get rid of any symptoms for good!

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