Can Vaccines Cause Autism? Find Here.


Most of the brain functions are yet to be understood. Detailed researches and studies have found that some differences in brain functions cause Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. Children suffering from this disorder behave strangely, communicate differently, limit their interaction with the people around, etc. Detailed analysis and surveys have also found that 1 in 68 suffers with ASD around the globe including United States.

Until last years, it was believed that vaccines might be a cause to Autism. According to some health professionals, there was a link between vaccines and ASD. One article, published in 1998, showed that 12 children suffering from ASD were given MMR vaccines.

However, recent studies have confirmed there is no such link between Autism and MMR vaccines. Researchers also say age of onset of ASD, severity of course of ASD and risk of ASD recurrence in families do not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

Causes of Autism are still a mystery. Only symptoms can be identified. And cases are increasing every next day.

Some studies also have found that ASD develops in uterus during pregnancy as well as before giving any kind of vaccine. Older fathers might be a reason behind this situation.

Increased awareness about ASD could also be a possible reason for these cases. Most of the theories revolve around measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. Nevertheless, other vaccines containing preservatives thimerosal, a form of mercury, have also been suspected of causing Autism. Some regulatory bodies have notified it and restricted pharma companies against using.

Currently, most of the vaccines, that might reduce the immunity power and interacts with the nervous system to trigger ASD in a susceptible host, are administered.

But, all kinds of medical studies, including epidemiological and biological, fail to support these findings.

Vaccination rates consistently remain high but some parents/guardians do not consider vaccines as possible cure against several types of problems. Most of them told, they noticed sudden changes in children’s behavior. Earlier, they were developing normally but they immediately stop interacting with people around as well as lost language abilities soon after vaccination.

Know the Reality

Any parent can start research to confirm the details. Here, you can consult trained medical professionals to be sure about the reality. Always hire a credible professional who can answer every query as well as can guide properly for the next steps to be taken.  

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