Old ideas about Acrodermatitis got it WRONG…


A few years ago… we have thought that acrodermatitis or a skin condition that causes to appear red spots on the skin is only for children and usually the condition goes away by itself.

But as it turns out new research suggest that the condition can spread and also become chronic which can lead to other illnesses like fever and fatigue.

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If the blisters will not go away after 4 to 5 weeks you need help. You can look at medicinal cure for this condition or you can search for natural methods for treating it.

With natural remedies you can be assured of the benefits without the annoying side effects of medicines. You can also be assured that the treatment is safe to use whatever the age. You and your family can benefit from this method.

Plus, there are other ways of preventing these issues from coming back which could be a BETTER WAY compared to conventional medication.

Dr. Sundardas Annamalay, a leading Naturopathic Physician gives various seminars in providing nutritionist Singapore methods for natural healing.

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